The Beautiful Butterfly

The life journey of the butterfly is fraught with dangers and challenges. If it survives the perils that nature throws at it, its transformation from a slow, nondescript caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly begins. Like anything in life that is worth waiting for, this metamorphosis is only effected through patience, time and hard work. At the end of the process, the beautiful butterfly emerges with its wings of freedom.

Our own life journey can be similar to that of the butterfly. We can move along slowly, struggling with the challenges of daily life. We can even become stuck at certain points. Like the butterfly’s journey, change is possible – but it takes hard work and dedication before we can find our inner peace and happiness.

Kate Hocken is our highly trained counsellor who uses a variety of counselling therapies and techniques which will be adapted to suit individual issues and personalities. She will teach you the tools to find your path to recovery and wellbeing.