About Our Counsellors

Kate Hocken

Kate has studied a Master’s Degree in Counselling along with many short courses on counselling therapies and techniques. She is accredited with the Australian Counselling Association.

Before moving to Leongatha, Kate was very involved in the special needs community in Melbourne. She has also lived overseas in a culture that is very foreign to our own and survived a serious illness whilst living in India. This experience helped Kate to foster a respect and understanding for other cultures and religions, and to understand the isolation that being a member of a minority group can entail.

Kate’s life experiences are invaluable to her success as a counsellor. She is the single mother of two boys – both with complex medical issues, one who also has multiple special needs. She understands the joys, and the stress, that such a journey brings with it.

Kate is a firm believer that it is through adversity and pain that we can learn the tools to become more empathetic and fulfilled individuals. Just like the beautiful butterfly, life can be difficult, but through hard work, we can find our wings to freedom, inner peace and happiness. Kate will teach you these tools, and help you along this journey.


Rosie Coletta

Rosie is a passionate and highly empathetic counsellor which has been further enhanced by her studies and life experience in mental health. Rosie has over 11 years experience in the disability and mental health sectors and these areas are something she has been passionate about her whole life.

Rosie has a special interest in working with NDIS clients, children, youth, adolescents and young adults with a variety of mental health conditions.