Understanding Anxiety

Stress is a short-term response to a recognised threat. Anxiety is your body’s natural reaction to stress. Whilst stress is in response to something happening in the moment, anxiety is

The consequences of a poor parental relationship and/or Parental Alienation on children

The end of a relationship is one of the hardest things we will ever experience. When children are involved that makes things even more complicated. We are hurting, often angry,

When is being kind, too kind?

Let’s be honest, kindness is a pretty strong value of a lot of people. Most of us strive to be honest and caring humans. But at what point is the

Our Mental Health Crisis

Okay good people. I am back on my soap box, or perhaps I’ve never stepped down from it on this issue. I am angry. I am disillusioned. Why? Because

Coping with COVID-19

There is no doubt that coping with the current COVID-19 pandemic is challenging. Very few of us have ever experienced this level of fear, concern, or sadness in our lifetime.

The Art of Positive Thinking

As human beings, we are programmed to think negatively and to look at the worst case scenario. It is our survival mechanism, and what helps us to survive. Whilst this

Steps to a Happier You: How to Avoid Inner Conflict

Before we can understand how to avoid inner conflict, it is probably a good idea to define the concept of conflict. According to the Oxford Dictionary, conflict is “a state

Bullying: What We Can Do To Help

So much has been written about the effects of bullying. We have done our research, we know our facts and we have statistics. And yet, bullying is still a huge

The Social Stigma of Mental Health

When we buy a motor vehicle – whether old or new, we look after it. We think nothing about making sure the engine is finely tuned, has the right fuel,

What is Counselling and How Can it Be Successful?

What is Counselling? In my counselling practice I hear a common theme of thought from new clients, so I thought it time to clarify the counselling process, how it works